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How to enlarge remote desktop windows

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Managing how your remote desktop is /13759.txt on the device you are connecting from is easy thanks to the ‘Resolution’ slider in the ‘Display settings’ of the session menu. In most how to enlarge remote desktop windows, NoMachine will display the remote screen according to the preferences you have enabled with the ‘Scale to Window’ and ‘Resize remote display’ options.

Sometimes, however, the user might prefer to manually resize the remote desktop so that it uses the available space on the client screen. In this case, standard HD dimensions have been inserted. A further option ‘Ask the читать полностью resolution upon connecting’ /11569.txt if and how you prefer to resize the desktop every time you connect.

Tip: If you have ‘Scale-to-window’ enabled, you can automatically scale the contents to fit the window and preserve the aspect ratio of the remote display simply by holding the ‘Control’ key and dragging the corner of the window.

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Customer ID. Forgot your password? Send request. Click on ‘Send request’. Reset instructions will be sent to the email address associated with this customer ID. NoMachine Support. Configuring how you view the remote desktop Managing how your how to enlarge remote desktop windows desktop is displayed on the device you are connecting from is easy thanks to the ‘Resolution’ slider in the ‘Display settings’ of the session menu. NoMachine will indicate on the slider the standard resolution options found on the server-side list of supported dimensions.

Move the slider according to your preference Fig. If any of the resolution options indicated don’t fit your needs, you can specify a custom width and height, and NoMachine will resize the remote desktop to the given resolution or to the nearest one Fig.

Additionally, in remote desktop sessions to multi-monitor set-ups, you can even set a custom resolution ad hoc per display. If multiple monitors are detected, small monitor icons will show up on the right. Select the monitor to set читать полностью resolution. Learn more.

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How to enlarge remote desktop windows.Remote Desktop screen size issues

In Windows and Windows Server R2, Remote Desktop Connection client () introduces resolution and scaling support, among other. There are two ways (that I’ve found) to turn this on. The easiest is under the menu for the window (left click on the icon at the top left of. Tip: To change the actual screen resolution of the host display, edit the host Desktop Properties (Windows) or System Preferences (Mac).


NoMachine – Configuring how you view the remote desktop.

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