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How to Adjust the Image on a Projector (Step by Step).Why Are the Edges of My Projector Screen Cut Off?

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This can also help you conserve the amount of space you use when viewing images or videos on your computer. You can also use this feature for editing images on a large screen if you only need portions of the large image. For example, an old projector from my college days allowed me to project an image in a portion of the screen so I could zoom in on part of it or crop out certain parts and save it as a new picture file.

By adjusting the screen resolution, I could zoom into the image or crop it out, and then save it as a new picture file.

It is common for a projector to use a different resolution than what your laptop, tablet, or other device uses. First of all, make sure that the input source is set correctly in the projector settings. Next, if you are projecting wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi, then make sure that both devices are synced up and connected to the same network so they can communicate properly without lag issues affecting them beforehand.

If you have a wireless projection device like a Presenter, then it is likely that the projector is one of the active devices on your network if it is broadcasting anything at all. If you do not have a wireless projection device or are using wired high-definition video, then adjust the input resolution setting via your computer.

This is also where you will need to select the proper input source for the projection device. You may also want to check your computer and video cables for any damage and replace them as needed or use different ones if all else fails.

Lastly, if you have tried all of these steps and still cannot fix whatever problem is being caused by your video sources not displaying properly on the projector screen, then there may be a problem with the projector itself. In this case, contact your vendor or manufacturer of the projection device for more troubleshooting steps.

They should be able to help you with your issues. If you follow the steps in this article, then you will learn how to adjust screen resolution in projector. You have learned something new. Another reason for your display screen to change from its normal size is by activation of the magnifier. Once you turn it off, everything should reset. Step 7: Check if the box beside it has a tick. Shrinking the screen size of your Windows PC back to normal should not be a hassle if you follow the steps above.

If the resolution is not the problem, then it may be the display size. Try out the options given to get the perfect fix. Sarah, You have done a great job for those of us that do not know how to do all the things we need to do but do not know how. Whew Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I shall scan for any other helps that you have blessed many with. Us novices need all the help we can get.

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How to adjust projector screen size in windows 10


I hope you found this article useful! If you happen to be in the market for a new projector, check out our recommended projectors page! This page contains our recommended picks for great projectors at very fair and affordable prices.

What is a Home Theater Bypass? How Does a Bypass Work? Are Expensive Speakers Really Better? An Honest Comparison. Here are the steps to correctly adjust the image on a projector: Turn on the projector to display an image Use the feet or lens shift to adjust the angle of the image Use keystone correction to adjust the shape of the image Zoom in or out to fit the screen Repeat the above steps as necessary to dial in the image to your screen These are a little too much for some people, and that scares them off of using projectors due to the added hassle, but, these things are really not too hard to handle.

Adjust the Angle of a Projector Take angle adjustment, for instance. Adjusting the Angle Using the Lens-Shift Controls Next, you can look to see if your projector has what are called lens-shift controls. Notice, the image is pretty distorted, as none of the corners are parallel to each other. Notice, the image is a near perfect rectangle now. So, it is just a matter of how you want your screen to look and what adjustments you would like to make.

Manual screen zoom is a great way to adjust your projector screen size by zoom buttons. This can be done by using buttons on your projector or remote control, whichever is more convenient. Once you do this, your projector screen size will be adjusted depending on how much you zoom in or out.

Moreover, the buttons can also be used for zooming in or out on pictures and videos. Additionally, you may zoom in and out of windows that are currently open. Changing the Projection Surface is a method that will allow you to adjust your projector screen size.

You can change the size of the whiteboard you are using. Or you can buy a good projection screen that offers sufficient space to fit the image size you want. Furthermore, you can also get a small projection screen that is designed to fit the size of the screen while still having enough room to get a clear view.

Then, you may have to shrink the screen back to its normal size. Before looking in depth at the methods of shrinking the screen, it is better to understand some of the causes of abnormal screen size. There are several reasons why the display of your laptop might change from the norm. Most times the direct or indirect actions of users will lead to a change of the system settings.

Most times, the cause of a weird display screen is tied to the setting of its resolution. Reverting it back to normal or the recommended setting should solve the problem. Just follow these steps:. Step 2: From the pop-up menu, select Display Settings.

Step 3: A new Display Settings window will pop up where you can find the Resolution section. Click on the drop-down list to browse through different resolutions. Step 4: Select the screen resolution you prefer or you can even opt for the resolution Microsoft recommends and click on Apply.


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