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For many Windows versions, you could easily maximize many of running apps, but only a few can actually go full-screen. In full screen mode, the app takes the whole screen area, covering all the icons, Desktop, and the taskbar. When a program enters full-screen mode in Windows 11, the operating system removes the title bar and the taskbar, providing users with additional screen real estate for some useful content. In addition, specific built-in Windows apps did not support full screen mode, and some could not be maximized.

With UWP apps in Windows 8, Microsoft introduced full-screen support for modern built-in and third party apps. In Windows 10 and Windows 11, this capability was further improved. The procedure is slightly different for Store apps, regular apps, and games. In the following chapters, we will review most of them.

Keep in mind that that will not work in all applications. The same trick also works with certain built-in apps. For example, the classic “cmd. Finally, its modern version, Windows Terminal, also support the same hotkey. Now, let’s review how to make a web browser running full screen. The Windows Taskbar is prominently shown, which was not the situation with the previous applications. On Windows 11, we tested two of the biggest online streaming applications: Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Full-screen functioned in these programs in a similar manner as it did in the browsers, and is also hidden in the Navigation bar. When you wish to return to the normal display style, use the same key combination.

The global F11 key appears to work with these two programs. You may immediately shift to full-screen mode and concentrate on Twitter or Google Conversation anytime you like. To get out of full-screen mode, use the F11 key once more. You may also use the customization options to convert to full-screen mode for these applications. Please feel free to refer to this article if you need to utilize Windows 11 in full-screen mode.

And in this post, you can figure out how to go full screen in Windows With a full window, you can have a better view perspective and take more clear screenshots. In the following content, you can learn how to make a window go full screen in Windows 11 browsers, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.

The keyboard shortcut also works for some other programs on Windows 11, such as File Explorer. If you want to go full screen without a keyboard, you can:. Step 1 : In Microsoft Edge, you can click the three-dot icon located in the upper right corner.

Step 2 : In the pop-up menu, click the full-screen icon in the Zoom section. It is definitely a trial and error process of finding out. This particular version of fullscreen mode is not as strict as the one known from games and some other applications.

When you move the mouse cursor over the taskbar area, you will notice that it is displayed. It allows you to interact with other programs using the taskbar or the Start menu, without exiting fullscreen mode. The title bar of the window is also displayed in that mode when you move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen. For regular applications and games, fullscreen mode may be toggled using Alt-Enter. It does not work all the time though. For browsers, you may use F11 to toggle fullscreen mode.

The Windows-Shift-Enter keyboard shortcut works for most Windows 11 applications. One downside to it is that it does not support the Esc-key to exit fullscreen mode. You need to use the shortcut again or use the window controls by moving the mouse cursor to the top and activating them there, e.

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Support snap layouts for desktop apps on Windows 11 – Windows apps | Microsoft Docs – Check for video and system updates

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