Why cant i change resolution on windows 10 – none:

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– Why cant i change resolution on windows 10 – none:

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Although updating to Windows 10 version is a relatively simple process, similar to a repair upgrade; users should perform some basic pre-requisites before initiating the upgrade.

Information in the above link is sourced from a trusted Microsoft MVP blog. In reply to Andre for Directly’s post on September 1, Hi Andre Da Costa, thank you for your time and help. This is what i tried today, following your tips: – changed the cable with a different one of same type a new Display Port – uninstalled and installed again my monitor still listed as “Generic PnP Monitor” in Device Manager window Sadly, nothing changed and still im not able to change resolution from windows 10 settings.

Thanks anyway :. In reply to ElveonX’s post on September 2, This is what happened: – my monitor finally tells me the resolution has changed to x – windows 10 “Advanced display settings” finally shows the new resolution to be x It looks like this time it worked! That done, i tried again changing resolution from x to x this time by using again windows 10 display settings, and this is what happens: – my monitor tells me the new resolution is x – windows 10 “Advanced display settings” shows the current resolution to be “x Recommended ” So, here we are back to my issue: i’m not able to change resolutio by using windows 10 settings.

Its a bug. I would also recommend you file a bug report; send me the short link so I can vote on it and bring it to the attention of the Windows engineers. In the mean time, you just have to keep using the nVidia Control Panel. In reply to Andre for Directly’s post on September 2, Do you agree with this procedure?

I keep you updated on my results and eventually post the link. Thanks again. Yes, that sounds like a good strategy. I look forward to your update. Hi Andre, sorry for my late, i’ve been quite busy and those steps were longer than i expected. This is what i’ve done since yesterday: – updated my display nvidia drivers to last version build I want to honestly thank you very much for your help, your efforts, and your time.

Best regards, L. On the other hand, if you’re using a single or double-link DVI, 4K isn’t an option. If you’re using an HDMI cable, you’ll need to check for two things. First up is the type of HDMI cable. But there’s another variable in this equation. You need to check what type of HDMI your graphics card supports. You’ll need HDMI 1. If that’s not an option, you’ll need to spend some money upgrading your hardware. Drivers are necessary for your hardware to function properly.

If your display driver is corrupt or outdated, it could lead to a problem with your display. Fortunately, it’s easy to update the display or graphics driver. Expand the category called Display adapters by clicking on the tiny arrow to its left.

Right-click on the display adapter you want to update and select Update driver. You can search for drivers automatically, but there’s a good chance Windows won’t find anything. The second option will let you install the driver manually. To use the second option, you’ll need to first download driver installation files from the manufacturer’s website. If yes, then great! If the issue remains, please try Fix 2 , below.

You may also encounter this problem if the graphics driver is corrupt. So you can uninstall it first, then restart your computer so that Windows will automatically install the basic graphics driver. After that, check to see if you can change the screen resolution properly. Graphics card , Video card , then click Uninstall device. If yes, congrats! If the issue persists, please move on to Fix 3 , below. No setting will fix an app that needs a higher resolution than your screen can offer.

However, DPI dots per inch affects the size of various elements, such as icons. If these look fuzzy, then your screen resolution may seem off. Click the checkmark to save your settings.

The default is It becomes problematic when you change the setting, as all display settings adjust accordingly. Make sure you know all your original display settings before you change anything. If you have an older monitor, screen resolution problems in Windows might have nothing to do with settings, apps, or drivers.

It could be a simple issue of your monitor wearing out. Of course, it could also be a compatibility issue when it comes to an older monitor. Monitors can only support certain resolutions. Ultra-High Refresh Rates Explained. In this case, ensure you choose your original monitor in the display settings screen and adjust the settings back to what looks best for your first screen. Adjusting your screen resolution can sharpen or blur your desktop icons, depending on the resolution you choose.



Windows 10 Settings – Can’t change desktop resolution – Microsoft Community

Thanks for reading! Cancel Submit. It becomes problematic when you change the setting, as all display settings adjust accordingly. Finally, читать статью i’m still not able to change resolution and the issue persists, i will follow your steps and report the bug.


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