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How do i host a zoom meeting step by step – none:.How To Use Zoom Step by Step For Beginners – Complete Guide

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10 Top Tips for Hosting Zoom Meetings Like a Pro – Digital Services Lab.


Highly recommend you to give this a go. Also, as you are getting ready, allow a few extra minutes to go to the restroom, have a snack, brush your teeth and show up as the pro you are -more on that on Tip 4. Get your Zoom ready, and try to avoid re-starting your device or opening huge files that can drive your tech crazy. Always welcome the participants. Provide clarity in regards to the duration of the call, and stick to it -believe it or not, people have lives outside Zoom.

All these little details will make a big difference when it comes to setting the standards for professional calls. You could also have someone on your team taking notes of the main points, or you can create a file to share once the meeting is over. Considering you are representing your organisation, showing up looking fresh and neat also sets the tone for the meeting. Try your best to keep a good posture -no slouching or legs on the chair, please! However, if you are hosting and you see your team members doing this, it may indicate they are feeling unengaged.

Take this as your cue for interacting more. As a rule of thumb, your background should be plain or convey a professional look.

If you are working from your bedroom, make sure the angle of your camera is not showing it! When it comes to lighting, the most important thing is to avoid having a window on your background.

Ideally, your light source would come from behind your computer, not your back. Your face needs to be lit up evenly if at all possible to prevent strong shades and crazy angles. If you are working from a room with no natural sunlight, or have night meetings, you can consider purchasing a selfie ring light. It will save you a hundred headaches trying to get your message across. Having a microphone also signals professionalism -like…if you have a mic, you must be a savvy-Zoom-caller! The reason for this is the built-in cameras of most devices come with a wide-angle lens that tends to distort shapes that are really close to it.

Keep track of timing and flow. As mentioned before, if you see your colleagues slouching your delivery is probably a bit heavy. However, being considerate and keeping meetings short if done in the afternoon is a good way of preventing Zoom-burnout. Creating touchpoints and interactions with your attendees will keep your call entertaining and engaging. Apart from following the schedule, timing and flow, you can create polls to help you gain insight into the pulse of the chat.

Zoom provides an easy way to set polls with multiple choices that you can save as templates and keep using over time. It may seem impossible to nail this as the boundaries between intimacy and work-life pretty much disappeared during You can leave a kind note on your door, or ensure someone else can pick you food delivery.

If anything comes up -which happens as this is real life- simply turn your video off for a minute, take care of business and then get back to focus on what matters. Your attendees can and will notice if your mind is wandering and you are not in the moment, so set the example and stay present. Your team will thank you! As you can see, many of these tips apply to both hosts and participants.

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